Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

All the non-political news that mattered to me over the past bunch of days:

Official video for Two Cow Garage's "Lydia"
Suburban Home Records and Two Cow Garage have posted the video for "Lydia," from their upcoming album Sweet Saint Me. I wrote about this album twice already, but expect me to write about it more before it comes out in October, including a review. If all goes well with travelling and getting the day off at work, Two Cow Garage just might also be this blog's first concert review.

Emma Stone potentially in Spider-Man and 21 Jump Street
The news has been breaking over the past couple days that Emma Stone is on the short list to play one of the two lead female roles in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. My guess would be Mary Jane (based on hair color). And I guess Jonah Hill wants her for his upcoming 21 Jump Street movie. I've already explained to my friends that I would kill any of them if Emma Stone asked me to, so you can imagine that this is very good news to me.

Third Bill And Ted movie is in the works
There are two links in that title. The first is Keanu Reeves talking about the possibility of a sequel to Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey. The second is Alex Winters confirming that they want to make it. A friend of mine predicted that the plot will center around Bill and Ted giving up their rock star dreams and settling into normal, mediocre lives. This will disrupt the timestream, so Rufus's brother will come back in time to fix things. I sincerely hope they don't try to have Rufus himself, since they would have to replace George Carlin in the role. And that predication is so much better than the sons of Bill and Ted having an adventure. I'd go see it, if they actually made it.

Taking Back Sunday on Yo Gabba Gabba
Taking Back Sunday have become the lastest alternative rock band to perform on Nick Jr's Yo Gabba Gabba, a show created by Christian Jacobs, aka MC Bat Commander of The Aquabats. Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I can't quite tell, but it looks like it's the current line-up, the line-up they used for Tell All Your Friends. The group is as tight as ever and this video, albiet a silly song for a children's show, really makes me excited for the album they're working on.

Gaslight Anthem cover Fake Problems
The AV Club posted a downloadable track of The Gaslight Anthem covering "Songs For Teenagers" by Fake Problems, from their new album Real Ghosts Caught On Tape. I reviewed the album on Tuesday, and I was perhaps overly kind. I just didn't have anything bad at all to say about it. The songs rock, including this one. And I love The Gaslight Anthem, so this was all-around good news for me.

And last but not least, I wanted to point out to anyone that doesn't already know but might be interested that next Wednesday will be "ebooks: Libraries at the Tipping Point," a day of keynote presentations and panel discussions regarding ebooks. The virtual conference is being hosted by Library Journal and School Library Journal, two of the leading publications in the field. Wednesday is the actual day, but the website says the content will be archived and available from October to December. I'm not sure if you have to register before the day to be able to access the archives, though, so get in there now if you're interested.

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