Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

I liked last Friday's post, where I just talked about some movie, music, etc news stories throughout the week that caught my eye, so I thought I'd make that the Friday post from now on. All the stories I found interesting throughout the previous week.

New Two Cow Garage album
Cowpunkers Two Cow Garage have announced their new album, as well as a tour. And the tour stops in Buffalo! Which means I need to use a vacation day at work. And as icing on the cake, The Punk Site posted this story about how the band will be releasing download codes for the first single on Polaroids. How cool is that?

Bruce Campbell wants to make the sequel to My Name Is Bruce like The Expendables
There is nothing about his description of the movie that I didn't like.

Second Edition of American Hardcore
American Hardcore is a book that came out a few years ago chronicling the American hardcore punk scene. Now a new edition is coming out with additional chapters, updated chapters and new interviews. This is great, I've been wanting to read this book, so now I'll just wait for the second edition.

Green Lantern Trilogy and The Flash
The Flash isn't really big news to me, but a friend of mine has recently gotten me interested in Green Lantern, so I'm excited about that upcoming film. And like I said yesterday, I like the idea of a movie company working on something larger. So intentionally working on it as a trilogy definitely makes me more interested than one movie and infinite sequels.

Chinese Woman Sues Theater
A lady in China has sued movie distributers for "wasting her time" by showing advertisements before a movie. Her complain isn't the trailers (that's one of the best parts of seeing a movie in theaters!) but with regular commercials that have become a trend in theaters. She wants twice the ticket price plus a bit more for emotional distress. I agree that those commercials are a bit annoying, but I think suing is a bit of an overreaction. Maybe they're more annoying in Chinese theaters.

Poster for MegaMind
They snagged it from Filmofilia, but The Movie Blog posted character posters for the upcoming MegaMind. I don't care if people are saying its the same basic idea as Despicable Me, I still want to see this movie. And I love movie posters, so seeing character-specific posters raises my attention in the movie more.

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