Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chis Evens as Captain America

Not sure when the news broke about this, but The Movie Blog posted a story today about the first pictures from the set of the upcoming Captain America film. The pictures show Chris Evens' stuntman in the much talked-about Captain American suit. Exciting times for comic book nerds. I'm not that familiar with the character, so the suit looks pretty much like I thought it would based on what I have seen.

I don't really care about Captain America. I'll probably see it with friends, but I'm more excited about the overall reach of the current Marvel movies. With the Iron Man, Hulk, now Captain America and soon Thor movies all leading up to the eventual Avengers movie, Marvel is attempting something pretty big. With all the unending franchises Holly churns out, sequel after sequel with no end in sight, I'm excited about a company actually planning something like this so many movies at once. And I loved the Iron Man and Hulk movies so far on their own, so I can't wait to see the end result. If they keep up the way they have been, there's sure to be a great payoff.

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