Friday, July 23, 2010

forgetters to release vinyl, no word yet on CD

Punknews just confirmed Vinyl Collective's post earlier today that forgetters will be releasing their first official output in September.

For those who don't already know, forgetters is the new project from Blake Schwarzenbach, former guitarist/vocalist of emo/punk legends Jawbreaker and indie rock powerhouse Jets To Brazil. He is joined in the project by Kevin Mahon, original drummer for Against Me!, and by Caroline Paquita. Schwarzenbach was expected to release an album a few years ago with his group The Thorns Of Life (with Aaron Cometbus and Daniela Sea), but, sadly, the group broke up before any official recordings could be made.

The release will be a double 7", which is cool if you like vinyl. I would prefer CD as I don't have a record player, but it appears that digital downloads will also be available, so I'll probably end up doing that.

I do agree with Vinyl Collective, though. Blake should just get Jawbreaker back together.

Artwork and track listing below. Samples of the songs can be found here.

1. Vampire Lessons
2. Too Small To Fail
3. Not Funny
4. The Night Accelerates

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